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Global Chemicals manufactures all types of glue 

Quality, mastery, commitment 

+36 thousand tons production capacity

ISO certified

More than 10 years of experience 

Global Chemicals Group 

More than 10 years of experience in the field of manufacturing glue of all kinds. Our company holds an ISO certificate and has an annual production capacity of 36,000 tons. It produces binders, adhesives, auxiliary chemicals, and water-based polymers specially designed for the carton, paper, packaging, textile, cigarette, molasses, food, wood, packaging, etc. industries. 

The Global Chemicals factory manufactures and produces all different types of glue that are compatible with the nature of each industry or according to customer requests, which may fall under the following industries: 

(Carton industry, paper industry, cigarette industry, foodstuffs, wood, textile and leather industry, packaging, cloth industry, health sector, mattress industry, adhesive tapes, book sector,...) in a way that suits the needs of each client. 


Available glue types: 

• GC BOND water-based glue 

• GC MELT hot glue 

• Solvent Base Adhesives 

Global Chemicals for Industry manufactures all types of glue (water-based, solvent and hot glue) and provides after-sales services and finds the necessary technical solutions for our customers in the field of glue. 

Global Chemicals For Trade: 

Global Chemicals For Trade is the commercial arm of the group that trades in various types of chemicals, paper, carton, plastic, calcium carbonate, gypsum, and plastic containers (barrels, jerry cans, other containers), as well as plastic chairs and plastic tables for both the tourism and hotel sectors. 

And trading in chemicals of all kinds, such as (caustic soda, acids, polymers, preservatives, calcium carbonate). 

We export gypsum, in addition to trade related to industrial waste, including wood, plastic materials, and machinery 

جلوبال كيمكالز جروب
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Global Chemicals for Trade has a large customer base in Egypt and at least 25 other countries. Global Chemicals for Trade has extensive experience in the field of export and provides all types of support and aid to export the products of manufacturers in Egypt and provide them with raw materials. 

The company follows all quality procedures and methods 

It holds the ISO certificate in that sector, ISO 9001/2015 

The Global Chemicals factory is not limited to internal distribution only, but has exported to many countries such as:- 

“Sudan, Libya, Benin, Niger, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana, Mali, Mauritania.....”