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who are we




Customers come first 



Respect for the individual 

Excellence in service 

Contributing to building society 

work as one team 

Work in accordance with company policies and procedures 

Our mission 

To please our customers and employees by consistently producing high quality products through advocacy, research and development and after-sales services. 

Our vision 

To be the first choice for our customers and become the market leader in the adhesives and glue industry sector locally and globally. 

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Quality system 

Global Chemicals Group carries out its activities by conducting quality management in accordance with ISO standards. Our main goal at Global Chemicals is to establish sustainable business partnerships with our customers by always providing high quality, fast and reliable solutions. In order to ensure this, all our operations from raw material supply to product shipment pass through quality control procedures consisting of physical inspections and chemical controls. Our company monitors all processes that affect our quality within a traceable digital database. Quantitative and qualitative analyzes enable us to constantly improve our quality and help us meet our customers’ needs without any complications. 


Health, safety and environment policy 

We regard health, safety, quality and environment as a measure of the value given to human life; It is an integral part of our company policy. 

Our priority is to provide world-class working conditions where the health and safety of our employees is not compromised. 

Global Chemicals Group Policy 

  • Monitor and follow all national and international laws and regulations governing HSE Sets objectives to ensure the sustainability and development of the HSE management system by regularly reviewing the entire system with the management team and business representatives. 

  • Avoid and eliminate work-related diseases and accidents; By assessing and implementing measures to protect our employees, subcontractors and visitors against these risks. 

  • Take precautions and measures against all potential health and safety risks. Utilizing open communication channels between employees and management to regularly review these risks to contribute to employee well-being, providing health screening periodically to all employees to protect them from job-related diseases in order to ensure the success of our HSE policy and increase HSE awareness; We provide information and training programs to employees regularly. 

  • To meet the requirements of environmental rules, regulations and standards, we must train and inform all our employees regularly. Objectives: Leave a positive impact on the environment, provide safe and healthy working conditions for our employees and develop itself with all developments in this field.. 

As a company, we are aware of our social and environmental responsibilities, therefore in order to separate waste and increase recycling; We use updated waste management technologies. Our goal is to reduce our impact on natural resources, reduce our energy consumption and play an active role in environmental protection. 

Quality policy 

As a leading producer of high quality high quality glue. 

We aim to meet the needs of our current and potential customers by: 

Using planned process control methods in our production without sacrificing quality, following developments in our sector and improving our services to meet customer demand 

Providing continuing education to develop and train our workforce for the present and the future 

Establish and maintain a good relationship with our suppliers to protect our mutual interests 

Commitment to the quality management system and continuing to develop it 

Protect the environment we live in, and taking all precautions to ensure leaving a minimal or no carbon footprint is the core of our quality policy. 

Research, development and innovation 

At Global Chemicals Group, we realize that research and development play an important role in meeting ever-changing global and sectoral trends as well as the needs and requirements of our customers. With our experienced technical team and experienced production capacity, we can meet our customers' needs in the most accurate, reliable and fastest way. We pay attention to developing innovative and environmentally friendly products that follow global and sectoral changes in demand and aim to advance towards innovation and digitalization through our second R&D facility, as well as partnering with global expertise houses in the event of developing or innovating new types in our own products. 

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