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Chemical works


Chemicals trading 

  • Trading in various types of chemicals, for example (caustic soda, acids, polymers, preservatives, solvents, calcium carbonate...) 

  • Trading paper, carton, plastic materials and containers (barrels, jerry cans, containers of all sizes) for use in the industrial sector, as well as plastic chairs and tables for both the tourism and hotel sectors. 

تجارة الكيماويات
Shipping Containers

Importing raw materials for the benefit of others 

The company imports various raw materials for its own account or for the account of others, such as (polymers, PVA, EVA, Easterin, acrylic, preservatives...) 

It also imports raw materials for the plastic and clothing industries and materials used in the manufacture of paper and its products. 

استيراد الخامات لصالح الغير


The company exports many types of raw materials and locally made products and supports and assists manufacturers in the local market to export, due to the company’s wide base of customers in more than 25 different countries. It also exports gypsum, in addition to trade related to industrial waste, such as wood, plastic materials, and machinery. 

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التصدير الخارجي
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